Novos app’s no Flathub Mês de Novembro / 2021

O Flathub é uma loja de app’s compatível com todas distribuições Linux. Atualmente (24/11/2021) com 1330 programas publicados.

Hoje já se encontra também, uma boa variedade de programas em seu repositório beta.

Veja lista de app’s publicados neste mês de Novembro:

MenuLibre - An advanced FreeDesktop compliant menu editor

RPMLauncher - A better Minecraft Launcher that supports multiple platforms and many functionalities for you to explore!

WatchFlower - A plant monitoring application for Bluetooth sensors and thermometers

Opentapes - Listen to Hip-Hop mixtapes

Greenfoot - Greenfoot

osu! - A free-to-win rhythm game. Rhythm is just a click away!

Manuskript - A open-source tool for writers

Filius - Filius is a network simulator for educational purpose.

AvaEmailArchivar - Archiving and restoring emails from IMAP mailboxes

EasyDict-GTK - The first open source translator which is completely open with dictionary data too.

Metronomek - Trivial looking metronome with natural sounds and sophisticated possibilities

Euterpe - Media player client for the Euterpe media server.

Space Launch - When will the next rocket soar to the skies?

PeaZip - Free file archiver utility, open, extract RAR TAR ZIP archives

Seafile Client - Seafile file sync and share desktop client

Satellite - Check your GPS reception and save your tracks

Carla - Audio Plugin Host

Cockpit Client - Connect via ssh to servers with Cockpit

guiscrcpy - Android Screen Mirroring Software

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