Inspiron 5675 ryzen 1700 radeon 470 travando com qq distro

Tenho o pc descrito no titulo.Ele trava muito. Ja testei varias distro com diferentes ambientes graficos. Alguma sugestao? Abcs

veja aqui

Screen freezes

The boot process normally gets stuck at certain point of the boot process and the cursor blinking stops. You can check if the caps lock LED still works. If that’s the case, it means that only the amdgpu driver is gone. The rest of the system will be functional, meaning:

  • You can ssh to that machine
  • You can perform login and some debugging commands in blind mode, dumping their output into some files in the hard disk for posterior checks.

The solution is to disable Legacy Boot in the BIOS, so the UEFI mode will be the one used to boot. Tested with Secure Boot turned off


Screen Corruption

Running the linux 5.2 kernel can cause screen corruption/scrambling. Passing iommu=soft as kernel parameter fixes the issue.