Como acessar o modo root do Nautilus e Nemo sem utilizar o terminal

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:upside_down_face: Rapaz cruel hein!! É interessante um recurso que está disponível desde a versão 3.22 do GNOME veio à tona agora por causa do Wayland rolando em outras distros, vai entender.
As notas da versĂŁo geralmente infoma estas cositas.


  • Added GVfs admin backend based on polkit
    • You can now work with files with admin privileges over admin:///
  • Updated view controls
    • Now possible to switch between grid and list view with a single click
    • Easier zoom controls
  • Added a tool for renaming multiple files at once
    • We allow to search & replace.
    • We provide the possibility of using files metadata, like “track number”, “album name”, “artist name” for music files; or “episode” and “season” for movies and TV shows; or “camera model” and “date taken” for pictures.
  • Added compressed files integration and ability for compression and decompression.
    • Now there is progress status, undo, redo and operation perseverance (operation keeps going if you close Nautilus).
    • We avoid opening another application window.
  • Separate desktop from Nautilus.
    • If the desktop crashes, Nautilus won’t.
    • Allows us to rework the Nautilus views for a modern and animated visualization.
  • Better folder creation from selection. We search for a common prefix on the selected files and make that as the preset name
  • Hide floating bar on mouse hover. In this way we avoid to obscure the view content if the user needs it.

Here there is an extensive explanation for these items (except the admin:/// access) Nautilus 3.22 – News & Changes

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